Teacup Pigs: Why More People Are Abandoning Them?

As more people tend to abandon their teacup pigs, an important and straightforward question comes to mind. Why is that? If you ask those people, you’ll get the answer right away: because it’s a complete scam!!!!

Do we agree with them? Well let’s say we do understand why they feel this way.

The story began when a group of Chinese geneticists used some molecular biology techniques to give birth to a sort of miniature pigs. Teacup pigs were then marketed as domestic pets. Cats, dogs, and goldfishes had something to worry about: a serious competitor was on the edge of becoming THE tendency.

Their worries became even more serious when George Clooney had his first Teacup pig. You can imagine what this meant: a new fashion was launched all over the US. In no time, the sensation reached England and the whole Europe soon after.

The tragedy won’t be discovered before a while. Having a crush on a little adorable creature is one thing. Ending up with a 180 lbs. poorly behaving cattle is a complete different thing. People were promised by unscrupulous vendors that the maximum weight won’t exceed 50 lbs.

Why do teacup pigs become way bigger than teacups?

teacup pigs

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Pigs generally grow in size until 3 or 4 years old. They can breed at a very young age. The female can mate as soon as 6 months of age and the male around 4 month of age.

Unscrupulous farmers exploited this particularity by mating piglets. When a potential buyer wonders what his pig would look like when becoming adult, the farmer shows him the tiny parents without mentioning they are far from being at their adult size.

Refuges for abandoned pigs all over the US reached their maximum capacity as more and more unhappy families decided to get rid of the bigger animal.


Studies have been conducted since the propagation of the problem. One survey asked a large number of owners about the outcome. We notice that more 70% of surveyed people confirm that the size of their grown up teacup pig is between 70 lbs. and 170 lbs. The same studies show that the minimum weight an adult tea cup pig (3 years old) can reach is 40 lbs.

So even if you stay in love with the bigger version of the piglet you got at the beginning, and decide to keep it, it would require you to put more effort and spend more money to raise your pet in good conditions. The space and the amount of investment needed are similar to those necessary to raise a dog. You’ll probably need to have a backyard as well to install the right accommodation.


Not to mention behavioral problems. Since the first week and during all his life, the “micro pig” (pocket pigs and Juliana pigs are other names of tea cup pigs) will regularly challenge your authority. You should never concede, because if this works for him, he will then try to manipulate you by moaning and shouting to get what he actually wants: more food for example.

Jack’s testimonial

Jack from Ontario contacted us complaining about the same problem. He shares with us his experience “so that nobody relives the nightmare he went through” as he said. If you are still thinking about making the purchase, you might consider his testimonial.

“I was obsessed for three years about having one of those little creatures. The only concern I had is that it won’t probably be suitable for an apartment. I googled it to check if there were any providers around, and it was on: ads were there everywhere I went: on Facebook, Gmail… everywhere!!”

“Even though I have read many bad things about them, the obsession never faded away. I discovered later I had suffered from what specialists calle a Confirmation Bias. This happens when you want something so bad that your brain simply decides to ignore all the dissuasive information”

“Jairo is now 20 lbs. although the breeder told he only can reach a weight of 10 lbs. My apartment gets pretty messy. I don’t think I can handle it anymore”.

Our opinion on the problem

Our aim through this article is not to dissuade you from getting a Teacup pig. In fact, we know for a fact that even with all the arguments of the world in mind, you probably can’t resist the cuteness of these tiny innocent pets. We rather want to shed light on this problematic situation that more and more of our readers face so that other uninitiated readers can learn from it and avoid making the same mistakes.

Finally, if you have the guarantee that your breeder will provide you with the right pig, the whole experience turns out to be a pleasant and an enjoyable one. After all, “real” tea cup pigs are cute, sociable, and easy to keep little creatures. Why deprive yourself and your kids from their good company. The final decision is of course yours.

If you intend to have one, have a look at our article on Teacup pigs raising. You’ll find useful and comprehensive information that will help you make the right choices.


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