The Angora Rabbit: A Lovely Ball Of Fluff

If you’re looking to host a new pet, an angora rabbit may be one of the best choices you can make. This little bunny is sweet and gentle. He is also very well known for his soft and abundant fluff which may represent up to 30% of his overall body weight.  His wool not only provides an unrivalled soft feel but also a unique sense of warmth and lightness.

The angora dwarf being very sensitive, raising one can be somewhat challenging. I’ll gather in this article all what you should know to take best care of your lovely pet.

A loving and caring pet


Photo credit: jpockele via / CC BY

Adopting an angora brings lots of sweetness to your daily life. Indeed, this bunny is intelligent and very cuddly. His very long, ever growing wool (which may reach 8 inches) gives him the appearance of a real living teddy.

Angora rabbit facts

The Angora rabbit’s size varies. There are standard angoras and dwarf ones which originated as the result of a cross-breeding operation between standard angoras and some other dwarf rabbits. The size of a dwarf angora varies between 2,5 lbs. and 3,5 lbs.

There exists a multitude of angora breeds, of which the English angora, the French angora, the German angora and the satin angora. All these breeds are available for sale in all pet stores. This animal is not a rodent, he has his own characteristics. If you compare them, their movement of the jaw is completely different. Furthermore, rodents have two upper incisors while the angora has 4 of them.

A healthy angora has bright eyes, a clean nose (runny nose are a sign of illness), a shiny coat and a healthy skin.  A healthy angora must have a balanced diet. Being herbivorous, his diet should mainly include vegetables, fruits, some pellet food and water.


Cylindrical, short and strong body, fine bone structure, firm musculature and short legs. These are the typical characteristics of an angora. His head is also short and fits well to his body. Two rounded and erect ears stand on this little head. His protruding eyes are either brown or black but rarely blue.

But the most appealing body characteristic is undoubtedly the coat. The long smooth and silky fur is evenly distributed around his body. Angora lovers have a wide variety of choices when it comes to fur colors.

Take care of your bunny’s fur

It is absolutely necessary to brush your bunny at least three times a week. A rabbit like a cat, grooms himself and takes care of his fur. That’s why he would spend long hours licking his hair. A moment that is lovely to witness. However, unlike a cat, a bunny doesn’t spit ingested hair out. If it is too much, the hair can form bezoars which may be lethal.

I personally use only two tools: a large comb and a pair of scissors. I use the comb to brush the body and to remove nodes. I use scissors from time to time to remove the hair falling on the eyes.

Adopt an angora

Our charming creature is easy to keep and will bring lots of happiness to your family. However, pay attention that your little living teddy doesn’t become a toy to your kids. He is to be handled with a maximum care.

Docile and loving, the angora loves caresses.  Your joyful ball of fluff may nibble your furniture feet, your books, your curtains and your electric wires. That’s why it would be a good idea to buy him some toys to keep him busy.



Photo credit: distar97 via / CC BY-ND

Where does the angora rabbit live? Excellent question. Your little pet being small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grant him the best living space possible.  Like other bunnies, he likes to have the freedom to jump around in his cage. His home should be equipped with a drinking bottle and a feeder trough. Toys and hiding places are also welcome. Do not forget to put away from him all the stuff he me use to make noise during the night. Rabbits become more active when everybody is sleeping.

Concerning the litter box –which you obviously should clean every day-, try to avoid hemp and woodchips as they make nodes            in your animal’s woolly fur. As I mentioned earlier, angoras are very clean and spend their time grooming himself.


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