CackleHatchery: Our Review About The Poultry Supplier

Making your first poultry purchase can be somewhat a delicate issue. You know little about professional farmers nearby, you know less about chickens or chicks’ prices and qualities. It is a kind of unique and risky situation. So you might want to make your initial purchases via internet. In fact, this is a very good idea. One of the websites you’ll surely come across is CackleHatchery.

Presentation of CackleHatchery

CackleHatchery is a well-known Hatchery in the US. Based in Missouri, it offers to ship over 193 varieties poultry products which are basically chicks and chickens produced in their own hatchery.

Buyers share their experiences on dealing with this provider in many forums on the internet. As opinions differ from one person to another, we thought we can give you a comprehensive idea about the website. We hope this will help you make a better decision. It may also save you some  considerable  time going through all what had been written.

But first, we want to emphasize that our opinion is perfectly objective. We didn’t get referral fees or any other kind of compensation from CackleHatchery. We are linked in no way with them. Based on the feed-back we get from our readers, we note that there are more satisfied clients than angry ones.

Majors Pros & Cons

The majority of the opinions state the following:

Healthy chickens

People are generally satisfied with the shape of the birds when delivered. This proves that the company pays a great deal of attention to its shipping process. Any shortcomings can cause death of the chickens (and especially chicks) or bad shape birds. For those who weren’t satisfied with what they got, they all got refunded.

Timely delivery

Not always the case, but the company seems to offer discounts in when there is any kind of delay.

CackleHatchery also offers the possibility of changing the order charge free. So if you notice that you made the wrong choice after they shipped, they can re ship you the right order free of charges.

What you see is what you get

Photos in the site are of real birds they raise.

Extra chicks

CackleHatchery may offer you some extra chicks along with your order.

On the other side, some of their angry costumers state the following points:

Getting cheaper products is possible

CackleHatchery buy some of their breeds from other breeders. Clients note that the prices their offer are higher than those of their suppliers.  Experimented buyer prefer then to contact directly the supplier.

Refunding delays

Refunds may take time in the case you get the wrong order

Delivery in a bad shape

Sometimes buyers can get birds in bad conditions. The birds thus pass away soon after they are received.

10% handling fee in case of cancelling the order

One of our readers complained about this. He stated that they charged him this amount knowing that the website didn’t even give him a shipping date (obviously, shipping wasn’t made, so no need to charge)

Incident with employees

Some clients report that employees were somewhat rude to them over the phone.


As a general conclusion, we can say that overall, we think that you getting your first purchase via this site is a good idea. With time, you’ll get to know more about other providers and breeders. At that time, you can make better choices.